Offcut Knits
My final major project is a campaign that strives for a more sustainable future. Offcut Knits is a campaign that strives to empower those aged between 14 and 17 years old through the use of knitting. We want to give young individuals an online home where they can feel nurtured and listened to on their journeys to a more sustainable future. Offcut Knits will be a free online community that offers its users the latest news, keeping them up-to-date with inspirational knitting techniques and 'how-to-guides' to produce you very own unconventional yarn, using materials around your home. Valuing your clothing is one way you can reduce landfill and help the environment. Learning to knit, using up any old, worn out and/or scrap material will prevent these textiles going to landfill, thus, giving them a new lease of life and reducing the following statistic - “300,000 tonnes of clothing go to landfill annually in the UK.” A photoshoot and illustrations rebranding the craft of knitting with the aim to inspire young individuals to pick their needles up and knit towards a more sustainable future. Modelled by Georgina Clarke-Gifford, Natasha Perkin and Joseph Smith. Bag ‘n’ the 90’s – An anti-fashion campaign that injects a new lease of life into the Moschino brand is to create a new collection of affordable and high-quality clothing in the style of the 90’s street fashion. The forefront of my anti-fashion campaign is the idea that going back in time is a great way to revisit trends and make them better. The idea to launch this new campaign will mean a new look for the Moschino brand, it will appeal to a different audience and will aim to inspire the fashion world and a new generation of designers. Moschino would still be designing trends, keeping within the style of their aesthetic and core values, but would also work alongside the main ready-to-wear collections. This would be a side project that would be high quality and more importantly affordable clothing that can be available to the everyday woman which will revolutionize the way we see high fashion. This campaign will be a huge change for so many women as they will be able to get their hands-on affordable Moschino designs influenced from the styles from the 1990’s. A photoshoot that shows how styles come in and out of fashion. Modelled by Amber Wattaker and photographed by me.